Garden Trends for 2021

We are seeing more people getting into gardening in 2021 due to more time over the pandemic.  So here are the latest trends for this year.

A haven for wildlife: This year sees us creating little havens for birds, insects, and small animals. People are planting more and more wildflowers within their gardens.

Bees: Besides creating wildflower areas within their garden, people are also thinking about the declining population of bees and creating pollinator-friendly spaces.

Split levels have become very popular this year, with people creating tiers using a variety of materials. These split levels can also lead to focal points within the garden or quiet hideaways.

Another trend of the back of the lockdown is people growing fruit and vegetables.  Vegetable plots can be as big or small as you need them to be, and you don’t always need a greenhouse.

This year, going back to nature is the theme for our gardens following the time we spent within them in 2020.