Will the High Street Survive the Pandemic?

In the years leading up to COVID, the High Street was already facing troubles, with less business and an uncertain future. Then a pandemic hit which brought in restrictions, fear and forced closures. Many smaller businesses that were reliant on a high street location have either had to close or convert to online shopping. The obvious result, all these travel and shopping restrictions, have forced consumers to online shopping en masse.

So once all of this is over, many are wondering what will happen with the high street? Will it survive or will those locations be transitioned into different industries or uses? Research has shown that the decline of retail is further driving down the chances of visitors, even more. However, many locations that were previously retail shops have transitioned to ‘multifunction’ or nonretail facilities that are trying to attract visitors. Additionally, some retailers are simply adapting and overcoming by reinventing their store experiences in an effort to increase footfall.

In future, it is likely that the high street will look much different than a decade or more ago, but there is a chance it will adapt to still be a hub for new activities.