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Gazebos for the garden

When looking for a new gazebo for your garden, you will soon find there are many choices. But here is one question to consider before heading straight out to purchase a gazebo:

Do you need a gazebo, a parasol or a cantilevered umbrella?

This is an important question, as it really depends on your needs and preferences.

Sometimes a parasol is not enough on those hot, sunny days. You find yourself constantly moving to stay in the shade and may find that you are all crammed into a small shade filled area before the day is out.

A cantilevered umbrella is a large parasol on a very long arm, which we have seen called a giant banana. A benefit of this is that the umbrella can be moved when open, which can always be positioned for optimal shade.

The downside of a cantilevered umbrella is that sometimes only the expensive ones are strong enough to withstand a decent gust of wind.

Gazebos are mini marquees and offer a larger area of shade with the option of adding sides, like a windbreak. They also provide protection in the rain, so you don’t need to run indoors when a quick April shower hits.